Atash Fire & Safety Keeps Chicagoland Safe for Nearly 40 Years!

NFSA staff sat down with John Puttrich, owner of Atash Fire & Safety, a Chicago fire sprinkler company. John discussed the company’s history, services, and relationship with the NFSA.

John founded Atash Fire & Safety 38 years ago. The business is a full fire protection shop and handles installs of fire sprinkler systems and alarms as well as inspection, testing, and maintenance services.

A Premier Chicago Fire Sprinkler Company

Bronzeville Military Academy

John focuses his services on primarily commercial buildings but has worked in residential high-rises in the past. Atash Fire & Safety has handled projects in several health care facilities, including hospitals and geriatric facilities, work that John has described as being very rewarding.

In addition to work in the healthcare field, Atash Fire & Safety has covered installs in several schools throughout the area, including the Sacred Heart School as well as the Bronzeville Military Academy, in which Atash Fire & Safety installed all the fire sprinklers, fire pumps and alarms for the whole facility.


Argonne National Lab

Atash Fire & Safety has handled all the fire pump work for the City of Chicago and has installed sprinkler systems and fire pumps in three Chicago police stations. Additionally, Atash Fire & Safety has also installed the fire sprinkler system for Argonne National Laboratory, a massive multidisciplinary science and engineering research center.

With its numerous successful projects, Atash is no doubt a great place to work, so it is no wonder most employees have been there for over 20 years!

Atash Fire & Safety and the NFSA

While Atash Fire & Safety has only been an NFSA member for a few years, John has taken much from the membership. John explained that he has enjoyed the NFSA-sponsored seminars and his staff has also taken a lot of value from NFSA’s training, namely its online courses.