Member Monday: NFSA Staff Pays Visit to W.m. T. Spaeder in Erie, Pennsylvania

NFSA staff was able to visit with W.m. T. Spaeder’s team to discuss recent developments in the industry and to learn more about their company. Michael Wilson met with Sales Manager Tom Kaspick, Fire Protection Service Manager Rob Senger, and Marketing Manager Monica Surrena (pictured above from left to right) to learn more about Spaeder’s role in fire protection.

The W.m. T. Spaeder Company has been family-owned and operated since 1914. Spaeder strives to be the premier contractor in the region. Spaeder offers a number of services, including HVAC, water treatment, industrial process piping, and fire protection design, installation, and services. Spaeder offers fire protection services across western Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh to Erie, as well as northeastern Ohio and western New York, and is looking to expand in the future.

Spaeder’s fabrication shop.

Spaeder’s fire protection sector covers everything from residential to foam systems, and even boasts its own fabrication shop on-site to deliver materials right to the job.

Spaeder’s staff is excited about all the advancements the industry has made over the years, particularly with the level of coordination between different trades and how communication has become much easier.


When it comes to NFSA membership, Spaeder’s staff got a full rundown of everything membership encompasses, from Expert of the Day to continuing education and NFSA’s expo. Spaeder is looking forward using every part of their NFSA membership and getting their fire protection staff on-board.

For more information on Spaeder’s services, visit their site here.