How do I participate in the 2021 virtual Technical Meeting?

The NFPA Virtual Technical Meeting is being held online again in 2021. As NFPA updates, the NFSA will update this voting guide for the key industry issues. Keep this site bookmarked and check back regularly for updates and all the information you need to participate in this process.

  1. Debate: Each Certified Amending Motion (CAM) is open to the public for comment from June 14th – June 25th.
  2. Vote: The vote takes place between June 28th – July 2nd. Every eligible NFPA member can vote if registered.

How do I register to vote?

Registration to vote is open from today to noon of July 2, 2021. The vote takes place between June 28-July 2. Every eligible NFPA member (a NFPA member since Dec. 19, 2020) can vote if registered. To vote, you must register by July 2nd and pay a $50 fee.

NFSA CAM Voting Positions

CAM ID:NFSA Position:Author:
13-37/13-23/13-42For/SupportNFSA/AFSA/Johnson Controls
13-4/13-18/13-26Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department/Schindler Elevator/Otis Elevator
13-17/13-44Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department/Otis Elevator
13-46Against/OpposeUnited Association International Training Fund
13-47Against/OpposeUnited Association International Training Fund
13-48Against/OpposeUnited Association International Training Fund
291-2No PositionCity of Altamonte Springs
10-5No PositionJohnson Controls
10-12No PositionTownship of North Bergen
72-4Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-5Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-6Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-7Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-9Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-10Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-11Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-13Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-14Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-15Against/OpposeSan Francisco Fire Department
72-24/72-25Against/OpposeRay Grill Consulting
72-26Against/OpposeVector Security
80-15Against/OpposeWestern States Council
1123-4No PositionWeeth & Associates
1225-2No PositionInBuilding Radio
1225-11No PositionInBuilding Radio
1225-14No PositionAC Consulting Solutions
2001-5/2001-9No Position3M Company/Chemours
318-2No PositionGBH International
501-2No PositionGBH International

The NFSA encourages all members to read, comment, and vote on these CAMs on NFPA 13 and NFPA291.