NFSA Statement on Supply Chain

Open Letter to NFSA Members,

The fire sprinkler industry has historically experienced limited issues with material supply.  Fire sprinkler contractors have very few long lead items and our everyday material such as pipe, fittings, couplings, hangers, and sprinklers have historically been available within a few days to a week. We are reaching out to provide information on current conditions and to let you know we are here to assist where possible.

A world-wide pandemic, executive orders in every state because of COVID-19, civil unrest, natural disasters, as well as blocked transportation routes and ports have disrupted supply chains around the world. The pandemic has tested the supply chain globally, as it struggles to maintain essential operations.  With the virus still a threat and turbulent political times, the disruption to supply chains continues to be severe. As economies restart, the supply chain will be critical to supplying goods and services quickly, safely, and securely.

Due to the global supply chain challenges, the sprinkler industry is currently experiencing material availability issues we are not accustomed to.  NFSA’s Manufacturers Council and SAM (Suppliers and Manufacturers) have worked diligently over the past year to ensure information is flowing and that NFSA is healthy. We are encouraging our contractor members to be aware of the ongoing global supply chain issues and plan additional time for material deliveries. We are also asking contractors to engage in frequent contact with their suppliers and to work collaboratively to ensure their material needs are met.

As we hopefully near the end of the global pandemic and more stable political times, NFSA is committed to working with our members to share important industry information.  Our Legal/Labor Relations Department has worked diligently to ensure that the fire sprinkler industry is considered “essential work” and we utilized the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to ensure our members have the information needed to work and keep supply chains open within the US. The diverse makeup of our membership allows the NFSA to provide this benefit.  Thank you for your unrelenting support of the NFSA and the fire sprinkler industry.

 A grateful,

Shane Ray, NFSA President

Shane Ray, President

Shane began his fire service career in 1984 and worked through the ranks of career and volunteer organizations serving from firefighter to chief. Shane currently serves as President of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, headquartered in Maryland and remains a volunteer in his hometown community of Pleasant View, Tennessee. Shane served 13 years as Fire Chief and he served six years as the mayor. He also held the position of Superintendent of the South Carolina Fire Academy and as South Carolina State Fire Marshal.