Member Spotlight: President Bill Jacques, Absolute Fire Protection

Bill Jacques, Owner and President of Absolute Fire Protection in Mount Clemens, Michigan, has been very involved with NFSA Michigan Chapter dating all the way back to 2008, when he served as secretary. He has since served in all the chapter leadership roles including past-Chairman, and currently serves as Vice-Chairman for the Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board. Like so many others who serve our great industry, Bill’s father also spent his whole life in the sprinkler industry, and both Bill and his brother John naturally followed their father’s footsteps and legacy.

How did you get your start in the industry?

Started in the union in Denver Colorado working for Phoenix Fire Protection in 1982.

Any special mentors who helped you be successful?

My Father who spent his whole life dedicated to the Industry, also Bill Marion a sprinkler fitter that was my foreman for years who taught me who to run a job.

How long were you employed as a sprinkler fitter?

20 Years. I worked for Western States in Denver Colorado, formerly known as Northern Fire Protection.

What year did Absolute Fire open for business? Any partners?

1993. Me, my brother John Jacques (who passed away in 2014) and Kevin Bates.

Do you have any branches offices in other states?

We used to have branch offices in Ohio and Louisiana, but now our only branch is located in Michigan.

Can you provide information on your different leadership roles with the Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board? (Include the years’ operating as NFSA Michigan)

I started with the Michigan chapter in 2008 as Secretary and they have never let me leave.

What do you like most about serving in our industry?

Now that is twofold. When I was just a fitter, I loved the smell of a new job and if you have every worked in the field and walked onto a new job site you know what I am talking about that smell of new concrete and new steel, I don’t know, there was just something about it that I have always remembered. Now that I am in my later years of the business it is watching people grow to be industry leaders in their own right.

Any “value of NFSA membership and/or chapter involvement” that you would share with others?

The value I see of the NFSA membership is the use of the Engineer of the Day program and all the useful information you can receive from them. Another value I see is being a participant in the chapter, and all the great people that you meet and understanding that what you are going through at times is the same thing they may have gone through or are going through.