Everything You Need for Your Virtual Home Fire Sprinkler Week

NFSA is proud to be a founding member of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC). The resources, the partnerships, the collaboration, it all works together to help us advance our cause and fulfill the mission of the NFSA.

We hope that everyone will join in and support Home Fire Sprinkler Week. Even though the events are virtual due to the pandemic, we will be spreading the word about fire sprinklers! A big thank you to Lorraine Carli, Chair of the HFSC, and Jim Pauley, President of NFPA. Working together, we are making a difference in our quest to save lives!

Vickie Pritchett

Executive Officer for The National Fire Sprinkler Association

Help Us Fill the Digital World with Life Safety Messages

Can you imagine how many people we can reach if we all share the same messages at the same time? This is an opportunity for the fire service to bring together their digital voices and spread the word about the life saving benefits of home fire sprinklers. We have the tools to do it. We hope you’ll join us!

The Campaign is Simple:

  • Visit our Home Fire Sprinkler Week page and use the daily messages to plan your week.
  • Every day there is a different theme and we provide the content.
  • You can choose a video or graphic or both each day.

These can be posted on your website, Facebook, Twitter or all of the above! Let’s flood the Internet with facts about home fire sprinklers this week!

Wednesday, May 20 at 10:00 am CT

Partnering with FIREHOUSE , join our Facebook Live event

May 20 at 10:00 am CT

Featured Speakers:

  • U.S. Fire Administrator Chief Keith Bryant
  • IAFC President Chief Gary Ludwig
  • NFPA President Jim Pauley
  • HFSC President Lorraine Carli
  • Moderator: Firehouse Editor-In-Chief Peter Matthews


HFSC Supports Local Home Fire Sprinkler Advocacy with:

  • FREE resources designed for virtual outreach and education
  • FREE resources for local public education
  • assistance with sprinkler demonstrations
  • guidance for trade-ups as incentives for new-home developments
  • local decision maker educational tools
  • sprinkler protection of your own home

HFSC has developed a library of information and resources you can use to educate consumers, elected officials, developers, and builders about the benefits of including fire sprinklers in homes. See what’s available!

Thank you for your help and continued support!

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition
email: info@HomeFireSprinkler.org
phone: 877-550-4372

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