NFSA’s Member Takeover Issue-Now Accepting Submissions!

The September/October issue of NFSM will be our third annual member takeover issue. This wildly popular issue hands the reigns over to our members. You choose the topics, you send in the photos, you write the text. Never mind the old adage that your name should only appear in print when you are born and when you die! We want you to have the opportunity to show us what you’ve got, and to share it with your fellow NFSA members.
Start dusting off that old Smith-Corona and sharpen your pencils. Don’t wait! We’re accepting submissions now. Our goal is to surpass the submissions received for the last two issues, and we need you to make that happen. As Vickie Pritchett is fond of saying, we are family! Take this opportunity to share and let’s get to know each other better. Together we can accomplish great things. Getting up close and personal with fellow members helps to allow us to grow together and remain strong and increases our ability to move the fire sprinkler industry forward.

Past issues have focused on topics ranging from why members chose to work in the industry, to great recipes for cheesecake and mac and cheese. Let’s continue what’s become a great tradition. We know you love reading this issue. Now it’s time for you to contribute. Did you have an interesting project you’ve worked on this past year? Do you have an exceptionally great sprinkler save you want to share? Is there an employee in your organization that’s gone above and beyond that should be recognized? The possibilities are endless and the chance to showcase your news only comes around once a year.

The NFSM Member Takeover issue is all about supporting our members. We cheer on your successes, sympathize with your heartaches and work to create a bond that drive an industry like nothing else. Have you contributed before? Wasn’t it a great feeling to see your story and your name in print? Please consider another contribution this year. We know there’s plenty of Hemingways and Dickens among us. Use your talents and take a break from your day-to-day! Feel like writing isn’t your forte? Every article is proofread and edited to make it flow like champagne from a Cristal bottle and is sent back to the author for final approval.

Submissions for the issue are due on June 25th. Writing guidelines are available on the last page of each issue of NFSM. Any photos must be sent as separate files. Please do not embed them in the document. Submissions can be as long as a feature article, or as easy as a photo and a caption. There’s a way all members can contribute and we look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to this past year, and what you have coming up on the horizon.
Send questions and submissions to me at, and let’s get this thing rolling! Last year’s Member Takeover issue won the prestigious MarCom Gold Award for Excellence, and I know we can do it again in 2020.