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Arizona HB 2313 will prohibit local fire and building professional from enacting any laws concerning fire protection in existing bars and nightclubs. Some of largest fires with the largest losses of life occur where people dine and are entertained. The contributing factors in these fires are remarkably similar,include:

Installing an automatic fire sprinkler system in existing bars and nightclubs removes, reduces and diminishes the danger of impaired or unaware patrons in crowded and dark nightclubs. In short, a fire sprinkler system mitigates the danger from fire, panic, and smoke inhalation. Fire sprinkler systems have a long history of saving lives and protecting property in bars and nightclubs, even in Arizona, such as when a band starts fire on stage, sprinklers activate to control the fire.

The 2018 International Fire Code requirements for bars and nightclubs is not a mandatory fire sprinkler requirement, meaning, small bars, nightclubs and restaurants could be exempt. Costs for retrofitting a fire sprinkler system provide many benefits, such as reduced insurance premiums, increased travel distances, diminished business interruptions from fire, and new federal tax benefits to name a few.

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"This legislation takes away local rights and we are in support of local governments determining fire protection in their own communities!"

Shane Ray