NFSA at The Vision 20/20 Symposium

NFSA Director of Field Operations and Government Relations Gary West and I attended The Vision 20/20 Symposium on February 18 – 20, 2020. This is the sixth symposium that Vision 20/20 has organized. Vision 20/20 is a premier event focusing on Community Risk Reduction.

Since 2010, this symposium has brought together practitioners to share and learn about what works and doesn’t work in Community Risk Reduction across America. The presentations covered a wide range of topics, all with a singular focus – proven programs that work. The education sessions and networking were incredible opportunities for us to see and hear about the importance of Community Risk Reduction programs in all types of communities. We were able to meet and see what other states and communities are doing to bring Community Risk Reduction to the next level. We had several satisfying moments where we were able to learn how progressive communities have gotten about residential fire sprinkler systems, most importantly how passionate the majority of the presenters were about fire sprinklers and the importance they are to their Community Risk Reduction.