New Home for National Fire Suppression

Over the Holiday Season, National Fire Suppression made the big move to their new home in the Fenton area. The company provides a full line of fire protection services including installation, ITM work and repairs. National also does clean agent suppression and foam systems. Both Operations Manager Fred Hartbank and Project Manager Caleb Phelps are regulars at St. Louis Chapter meetings.

Fred expressed his relief that moving was completed and operations are now conducted out of the new location, but they’re still not quite settled in. Fred commented that “it’s been a very busy month trying to get things organized. We’re getting it done slowly and we’re making headway now.” When I asked if people could come by to visit he replied, “maybe in a week or two.” Congratulations Fred!

National Fire Suppression staff at their new location 970 Bolger Court in Fenton, Missouri.