NFSA Leadership Team Attends Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board Meeting in Michigan

Pictured Above L to R: NFSA Director of Membership Caleb Armbrust, NFSA Great Lakes Field Service Coordinator Ron Ritchey, NFSA DFSAB Secretary/Treasurer Bill Jacques, NFSA President Shane Ray, NFSA Michigan Chapter Chairman Marty Corcoran, NFSA DFSAB Chairman Jeff McNamara, NFSA Director of Field Operations Gary West, and NFSA Director of Public Fire Protection Jeff Hugo.

NFSA President Shane Ray brought several members of his leadership team to celebrate and thank our members in Michigan for all their efforts in protecting “lives and property from fire through the wide-spread acceptance” of fire sprinklers.

The State of Michigan is fortunate to have two chapters located in Michigan, the Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (DFSAB) and the NFSA Michigan Chapter. NFSA Michigan Chairman Marty Corcoran and Mike Zimmer with KJL, provided a brief summary of key initiatives and goals for the upcoming year.

DFSAB Chairman Jeff McNamara engaged board members to identify strategic goals for 2020 and Secretary/Treasurer Bill Jacques went to great lengths to coordinate and organize the excellent accommodations for the 1st Annual DFSAB Christmas Party to be held at the spectacular Top Golf Suites at the MGM Casino in Detroit for the event.

NFSA President Shane Ray and his leadership team provided updates on the many strategic goals and accomplishments throughout the country and congratulated the board and their members for their combined efforts in Detroit and the State of Michigan.