Fire Sprinkler Protection in a Brockton, Massachusetts Marijuana Grow Facility

“In Good Health” a medical/recreational marijuana grow facility occupies approximately 60,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing, office and retail space in a one-story masonry and steel structure.

When the business first occupied the property, it was sub-divided into several tenant spaces and only half the building had fire sprinkler coverage. As the business has expanded and grown, the fire sprinkler system has been extended to fully protect the building and occupants.

The Brockton Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division worked with local Building Officials and the business partners to review the plans and proposed use, as well as the existing structure, to assure compliance with the State Building Code and NFPA 13.

One of the areas that concerned Deputy Chief Ed Williams, Fire Inspector with Brockton Fire, were the grow tables which had the ability to slide back and forth creating a ‘barrier’ or ‘obstruction’ for the fire sprinkler discharge and an ‘unprotected’ space beneath the tables.

After discussion with code officials and the fire sprinkler contractor, the solution was to install sprinkler heads under the table surfaces, thus fully protecting the area. The installation was performed by Yankee Fire Sprinkler of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.