Compliance Engine Presentation at Minnesota AFAA

On January 9th, the Minnesota Chapter of the Automatic Fire Alarm Association (MN AFAA) held a quarterly meeting at the Minneapolis Fire Museum and Hall.  Following a brief business meeting and lunch, George Mantas, Business Development Director for Brycer, made a presentation about the company’s The Compliance Engine third-party inspection/reporting system. 

The Compliance Engine (TCE) is a thirdparty inspection process by which Brycer notifies building owners of the need for inspection, testingor maintenance (ITM). They also notify the sprinkler contractor of record for that building, who completes the necessary work to attain compliance and files a report through TCE portal.  Brycer can then notify the local AHJ for review and certification of compliance. 

George stated that TCE has been in business for over 10 years, is used in 43 states, and has over 13,000 users nationwide.  He reported that there are more than 10 users in Minnesota, including Duluth, Burnsville, Rochester, and South Metro.   

George presented some statistics to illustrate the positive impact that TCE can make in ensuring ITM compliance:   

  • The City of Los Angeles experienced a 45% increase in compliance after just 6 months of using TCE. 
  • Downers Grove, IL enjoys a 97% compliance rate after using TCE for just 3 years. 
  • Nationwide, AHJ users are experiencing a 29% reduction in staff time dedicated to ITM compliance. 

Roughly 55 people attended the presentation, including AHJ representatives, sprinkler and fire alarm contractors, and Minnesota-based NFSA staff members.  They heard the reported benefits of using TCE, including closer compliance to ITM standards, more reliable fire and sprinkler systems, savings to AHJ staff time, and streamlined correspondence and reporting processes.  George reported that there is also $33 million in overdue ITM and repair work pending in Minnesota right now, which represents additional business and growth for fire alarm and sprinkler contactors.   

Audience members had a chance to express concern for the increased administrative workload and TCE fees being experienced by contractors, along with concerns about the privacy of information collected and submitted to TCE.    

George made it clear that the goal of Brycer is to work towards adoption of TCE by all 783 jurisdictions in Minnesota.  Although Minnesota NFSA Chapter members are generally not in favor of the system, all can agree that closer compliance to ITM standards leads to more reliable systems, and ultimately safer communities. Increased life safety and property protection are worthwhile goals, provided contractor concerns can be addressed prior to local implementation of third-party inspection systems. 

NFSA, AFAA, and the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) have issued a joint position paper with recommendations for AHJs to consider before implementing a third-party inspection process.  Click here for that statement.