Moving Out!

Paul Richard (L) and Fred Hartbank (R)

If you were to visit National Fire Suppression in mid-November, you would probably wonder how the staff could work in such a mess of boxes and furniture scattered about.  At first glance you would think that they needed a lesson in housekeeping skills.  Fortunately, I met with Operations Manager Fred Hartbank who explained that after many years in the Westport area, they were moving! 


The company provides a full line of fire protection services including installation, ITM work and repairs.  National also does clean agent suppression and foam systems. One of the many sprinkler systems installed by National includes the one in their current building.  Although they lease one part of a multi-tenant building, they chose to sprinkler their space.  Now that they are moving out, the property management company wants the system removed, a request that Fred believes will go by the wayside.  Spending money to remove a system that’s a benefit to a new tenant wouldn’t make any sense.   

Fred explained that Western States Fire Protection acquired National Fire Suppression about 25 years ago.  He stated that the company is not only a proud member of NFSA, but they strive to maintain a good working relationship with NFSA staff members as well as other contractors who make up the St. Louis NFSA Chapter.  Both Fred and Project Manager Caleb Phelps are regulars at St. Louis Chapter meetings.  Their new location will be in the Fenton area.