Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board provides training for Detroit Michigan Fire Inspectors

L-R: Captain Terrence Lane, John Corso, and Chief of Fire Prevention Kelvin Harris

The Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board provided a free day of training for the Detroit Michigan Fire Prevention Bureau on Tuesday, October 29, 2019. Director of Training John Corso provided instruction on “Fire Pumps and Standpipe Requirements in High Rise Buildings” (Link to Class Description) for this great group of dedicated fire prevention officers and NFSA contractor members.

The picture above confirms that a “picture is worth a thousand words.” Anyone who has ever attended a training class with Instructor John Corso over his twenty-year career with NFSA can attest that training can be fun and educational at the same time!

NFSA appreciates the leadership and support of the Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board members whose generous contributions provided this free training and individual copies of NFPA 20 for all attendees.

Members of the Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board in attendance included President Jeff McNamara (Shambaugh & Sons) and Vice-President Bill Jacques (Absolute Fire Protection).
NFSA contractor members in attendance included Pat Orr (Elite Fire Safety), Bob Jagenberg (John E Green), Blake Gunderson (VFP), and Owen Shoemaker (Professional Sprinkler).