Lightweight, Corrosion-resistant Tanks Meet Fire Suppression Needs For New Barn

Winding through the narrow, hilly roads of Bluemont, VA, Jason Rothenhoefer, a Sales Engineer with Tanks Direct, was glad the two ZCL/Xerxes fiberglass fire suppression tanks hauled earlier were lightweight. The recently purchased equestrian center was looking to complete their new barns with a state-of-the-art sprinkler system. The new barns would require 50,000 gallons of water for their fire suppression system, and the tanks required to hold this water were not included in the original project design. The general contractor of the project went to Tanks Direct to find the best option to meet the building’s fire suppression needs. Jason assisted with the design, layout and features for a fire suppression water storage and supply system that would satisfy the required minimum water volume needs. “We decided two ZCL | Xerxes fire suppression tanks placed side by side would be the best solution to fit into the space and give them usable capacity,” says Jason, who often suggests ZCL/ Xerxes fiberglass tanks as a custom, turnkey choice for his client’s projects.

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