The SRI Fire Sprinkler Summer Lunch Cruise

The annual SRI Fire Sprinkler summer event, a Hudson River lunch cruise in the Albany, NY area, was well attended by SRI employees and vendors. The Deluca family has a summer and a holiday event each year to show their employees their appreciation of everyone’s service to the industry. NFSA Regional Manager, Dominick Kasmauskas noted, “the vendors and other guests such as benefits coordinators, investment experts, etc. find this a great opportunity to network with all levels within SRI Fire Sprinkler to get a sense of their needs”. This year again the weather was perfect as was the food and the music plentiful. Thank you to the Deluca Family!

DJ Deluca (R) greeting the attendees as they arrive

L to R: Don Deluca Sr, Janet Kasmauskas, & Brenda Deluca