Sprinkler Save at Houston, Texas Commercial Building

On August 4th, the Aldine, Texas Fire Department responded to an alarm. On arrival, crews noticed water coming from under the roll up doors of a commercial building. They smelled smoke and saw smoke coming from a large vent on the side of the building. Access was made and it was discovered that boxes and other items had burned and been suppressed by the fire sprinkler system.

The sprinkler system was turned off and Inspections notified. The boxes and other items were in a trash pile that employees designated as there were no dumpsters at the facility. Employees were moving in over the weekend to set up their offices. There was a table being built that was stained and pieces of wood were in the trash pile. There are two possibilities for the cause of the fire; discarded smoking material or discarded rags with wood stain. At this time the fire is undetermined.

Thanks to Rachel Moreno of the Harris County, Texas Fire Marshal’s Office for sending in this sprinkler save.