New Hampshire Side by Side Delivery

The National Fire Sprinkler Association delivered a new side-by-side fire sprinkler burn demonstration unit to the New Hampshire Fire Prevention Society on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019. NHFPS President Stephen Gallagher was on hand to accept delivery of the latest NFSA side-by-side trailer unit with NFSA New England Regional Manager Mike Young and Southeast Regional Director Brian Biggs.

The unit will be utilized throughout New Hampshire to educate the public on the fire & life safety benefits of residential fire sprinklers, which provide precious time to escape a potentially deadly home fire while keeping fires small and contained until firefighters arrive to complete extinguishment.

Today’s homes, built with new lightweight and manufactured building materials, along with synthetic plastics and furnishings in the home, burn much hotter and faster than fires years ago. Rapidly developing fires produce thick, dense smoke, releasing toxic chemicals and super-heated fire gases which can trap occupants in as little as one to three minutes. While smoke alarms are an important part of providing notification to those inside a dwelling, Fire sprinklers react quickly to cool down the immediate area where the fire started, reducing heat and smoke production to enable occupants time to escape safely.

“Fire Sprinklers Buy Time, Time Buys Life”