Minnesota: New Sprinkler Save Reporting System Features Fire Sprinkler Save at Minnetonka, Minnesota Strip Mall

This great story adds to the life- and property-saving benefits of fire sprinklers, but is also a showcase of how our partners in education and advocacy across the country are seeking information as well.

Minnesota now has an online form that captures data on fire sprinkler saves and reports it directly to the State Fire Marshal’s office.

NFSA is working diligently with data to retrieve the information from our contractor members that will make the repairs and return the system to service. Adding the licensed fire sprinkler contractor to responder after the fire will complete the data cycle and gives us a complete picture of the fire sprinkler save.

Thanks to Fire Marshal Bruce West and Supervisor Jon Nisja of Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division for being leaders in data collection for their state and for sharing the data with the country. This is such an important piece of saving lives and property that they have data and public education in their actual mission statement. Thank you Minnesota and your fire departments for making your communities and state a safer place.

This fire sprinkler save submitted by our Minnesota NFSA Team is a great example of partnerships and outreach that is making a difference. Thank you to Chief Berscheit and the firefighters and fire officers of the Minnetonka Fire Department that responded. This is truly representative of NFSA’s Partners in Progress program. Fire Sprinklers and Firefighters, an unbeatable team from homes to high-rises.

From the Minnetonka Fire Department:

An employee in the tenant space next door to a dry cleaners in a strip mall smelled smoke. The employee went outside to investigate, heard an alarm (presumably the water flow alarm), and saw a fire by the entry door of Sir Knight Dry Cleaners and called 911. Upon arrival, there were flames showing and the fire sprinkler system had activated. A hose line was pulled for overhaul and extinguishment. One fire sprinkler activated and contained the fire.

Value of Building: $640,000
Value of Contents: $500,000
Value Saved: $1,380,000