Minnesota State Fire Marshal Publishes Sprinkler Contractor Update

A recent report published by Jon Nisja, State Fire Safety Supervisor for the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division, contains some great information about the status of fire sprinkler use in Minnesota over the last 15 years. The report is full of information and enlightening findings, such as:

  • Over 1,100 verified sprinkler saves across the state over the last 15 years
  • Nearly 50% of the saves were in residential properties
  • 76% of the sprinkler saves involved suppression by a single sprinkler
  • In fires where sprinklers activated, property loss was less than 1% of building/contents value

The report contains information and trends for contractor certifications, state issued sprinkler permits, and details on wet vs dry sprinkler systems. A great report by one of the champions of fire safety in the state!

Read the entire report here…