Check Our New ITM Website! 

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) of automatic sprinkler systems is an important part of the National Fire Sprinkler Association’s (NFSA) mission “To protect lives and property from fire through the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.” To assist our members and improve the public’s knowledge of existing fire sprinkler systems and  ITM, the NFSA has an improved website at


ITM Reporting by Jurisdiction

This page provides two important resources for NFSA members:

  1. An online survey for members to provide the NFSA with information on jurisdictions who use ITM reporting services or software. This information will generate a list and map of where ITM reporting is and soon will be provided to NFSA members back on the ITM website.
  2. A position statement on ITM reporting, titled “What to Consider Before Implementing Life Safety System ITM Reporting Services”. This is a joint NFSA/AFAA (Automatic Fire Alarm Association) position statement for contractors and jurisdictions to collaborate on solutions before and during the adoption of using third-party reporting software.


ITM Video Series

This page has several videos on ITM produced from the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board. The range of videos available are:

  • What is NFPA 25?
  • ITM: A guide for building owners and managers
  • Basic inspector test
  • Main drain test
  • And many more…



Antifreeze in fire sprinkler systems is an option in freezing locations. This page has several resources to assist users in selecting, installing and maintaining systems with antifreeze. This page includes the new listed and certified antifreeze now available for new fire sprinkler systems.


Code Tracker

This is another online survey for members to inform the NFSA what codes and standards (NFPA 25) are adopted throughout the US. This information will generate a list and map of where the latest codes and standards are provided to NFSA members back on the ITM website.

The new NFSA ITM site has many more features. Please visit and use the membership resources to improve fire sprinkler systems and acceptance. For more information on ITM please contact Vince Powers, NFSA ITM Specialist ( or Jeffrey Hugo, NFSA Director of Codes (