In Wake of Notre Dame Fire. U.S. Cities Reexamine Fire Safety in Historic Buildings

The devastating fire that engulfed the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France on April 15th has resulted in cities across the U.S. taking the time to reexamine how their historic buildings are preserved and protected from fire. News articles and segments on news broadcasts are focusing on the difference fire sprinklers make when they are retrofiitted in historic structures.

This week, we have seen articles commenting on fire sprinklers in such famous buildings as St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., Independence Hall in Philadelphia and the Salt Lake City Tabernacle in Utah. They have all been protected by fire sprinklers.

While the tragedy of Notre Dame touches the hearts of all of us, we can only hope that out of the ashes will come a continuing focus of the need to preserve history, the realization of the difference fire sprinklers can make, and the importance of protecting these iconic structures with #fastestwater.