NFSA Board Chair Kent Mezaros at 2019 Atlantic Builders Convention

From NFSA President Shane Ray:

It was an honor to see the respect and appreciation given to our Chair of the Board at the 2019 Atlantic Builders Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. NFSA Chair Kent Mezaros is a Master Sponsor of the New Jersey Builders Association and a very active participant.

The entire New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board team was on hand, with a booth next to Quick Response Fire Protection, to promote the fact that we have more in common with the New Jersey Builders Association than most would realize. It was an honor for me to be recognized by our Chair and to meet with their CEO and Executive Director to discuss issues of common interest.

I know that this initiative will expand across the country. I was recently in Florida where our Florida Fire Sprinkler Association (FFSA) Executive Committee, along with FFSA President and At-Large Board Member Clark Gey, met with the Florida Home Builders Association and received an invitation to the Southeastern Builders Convention.

Rest assured that NFSA is going to fully commit to these efforts. Thanks to our Manufacturers Council and SAM Council members, we are going to be present at the 2020 International Builders Show.

Thank you to all our members for the leadership, support and commitment to the industry.

Shane Ray, President