Minnesota’s Side-by-Side Trailer Is Preparing for a Busy Operational Year!

Minnesota State Coordinators Tom Brace and Joel Hewitt with the Chapter’s side by side trailer.

The Minnesota Chapter’s side-by-side sprinkler demonstration and training trailer was removed from its winter storage location at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on April 2nd. The trailer was taken to the Saint Paul Fire Department’s Public Safety Garage, where it will be stored between uses during the summer season. The State Chapter of NFSA has set an ambitious goal of 20 live burns this year. If your organization would like to host a demonstration or fire department training event by NFSA personnel using this trailer, please contact NFSA State Coordinator Tom Brace, or NFSA Regional Manager, Tim Butler. We’d love to get your event on the schedule and bring you the life-saving lessons this trailer helps demonstrate!