MDFS Encourages Use of Side-by-Side Demo Unit for Fire Chiefs

A special thank you to the Massachusetts State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey for the shout out to NFSA yesterday at the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts (FCAM) meeting for the donation of the side -by-side training/demo unit. He also announced a new way for fire officials across the state to go online and request the unit for use in their communities.

Also, special thanks to Chief Tim Grenno of FCAM for recognizing NFSA for our assistance in their legal fund and supporting fire chiefs authority to require fire sprinklers in rehabilitation homes. This was a big judicial victory.

It was a pleasure to see all these professionals commitment to saving lives and property. I was there with Regional Manager Michael Young and former Regional Manager Tim Travers.

Speaking of great fire chiefs and leaders in New England, our NFSA Boston Chapter recognized the services of Dave LaFond. Dave served as Regional Manager prior to Michael Young and remains on in an advisory role to assist in the legislative and advocacy efforts we have going on in the region. The Boston Chapter recognized Dave as being a catalyst to starting the chapter, which had a packed room last night with fire marshals from around the state on a panel concerning cooperation with our contractors.

The following is from the DFS website regarding how to request the Training/Demo Unit:

The Department of Fire Services has a new Side-by-Side Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer that was donated by the National Fire Sprinkler Association. This prop gives fire departments a dramatic teaching tool that demonstrates how sprinklers save time, and time buys lives in a fire. The mobile unit has two identical rooms that are set on fire. One room has a sprinkler, and one does not. During the fire, observers see how quickly fire spreads and how little time there is to escape a fire. After viewing this demonstration, the public walks away recognizing that sprinklers buy time, and time buys lives.

Fire Departments may request the trailer that allows them to show how quickly fire grows and that sprinklers can prevent that growth quickly, saving lives here.