FASNY and NFSA team up to educate on the benefits of home fire sprinkler systems

Jerry Deluca of the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) and NFSA Regional Manager Dominick Kasmauskas deliver a two-hour presentation on the benefits of home fire sprinklers from a fire service perspective. Deluca pressed on the issues of advocacy and safety for firefighters and pointed to the fact that fire service leadership should be advancing the flag on this in New York State.

Kasmauskas reviewed the technical aspects of residential systems and clarified that whether rural or urban, home fire sprinklers need to be amended back into the model codes the state adopts.

The attendees are leaders from MacBoston 18 Truck. “MacBoston 18 Truck’s mission is to keep alive the memory of New York State firefighters who died in the line of duty by promoting firefighter safety through education and raise public awareness with fire safety and prevention and assist in the recruitment of firefighters”.

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