Sprinkler Save at Shaumburg, Illinois High-Rise

Thank you to Fire Marshal Michael Rons of the Village of Shaumburg, Illinois for sending in this sprinkler save!

We had another sprinkler save in Schaumburg – that’s three in the last few weeks! This one at one of our retrofitted buildings. Here is a quick description.

Around 6:30 p.m. on March 4th, the Schaumburg Fire Department responded to 1427 Valley Lake Drive for a general fire alarm. Fire companies found a small fire in the kitchen that was extinguished by a single sprinkler. The fire department was able to isolate the sprinkler system on the floor and limit fire damage to approximately $6,000.

The cause of the fire was cooking. 1427 Valley Lake is a residential high-rise occupancy that was required to install fire sprinklers as part of Schaumburg’s high-rise retrofit ordinance.