Fenwick Island, Delaware Sprinkler Save!

Paul Eichler of the Delaware Fire Sprinkler Coalition (NFPA FSI), Richard Smith, Legislative Liaison for the Maryland State Fireman’s Association, and Delaware State Fire Marshal Grover Ingle, who hosted one of the first Fire Team USA events many years ago, advocate everyday for improved fire and life safety. A great team of people with care and passion to get the word out on the value of a total fire protection package that we promote at NFSA with each side-by-side demonstration, which are early warning (smoke alarms), early suppression (fire sprinklers), and firefighters. This fire, shared by Chief Ingle, is a great example that smoke alarms alone would not have been enough to save the property with as little damage as occurred.

The complete package: fire sprinklers and firefighters, saved the property and minimized damage. With a great restoration company and a licensed fire sprinkler contractor, this building will soon be ready for occupants without major disruption of their lives. That’s why we say water is good when there is a fire, that’s #fastestwater, and we save lives and property even when the building isn’t occupied, because firefighters have to respond as well, thus #PartnersInProgress.

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From the Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office:

The Delaware State Fire Marshal’s office investigated a structure fire located in the Kings Grant Community. The fire was reported this morning at 07:09 a.m. and was located in the 40000 block of Grant Drive, Fenwick Island, Delaware.

The Bethany Beach Fire Department responded to the scene for an odor investigation. Upon arrival, it was determined that the sprinkler system had activated and extinguished a fire in the heater room area. The building was unoccupied at the time of the incident, and no one was injured.

A deputy state fire marshal responded to the scene to determine the origin and cause of the fire. The fire originated in the heater room and was caused by a malfunction in the heater system. Damage was estimated at $1500.00. The Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office credits activation of the sprinkler system to limiting the fire loss of the unoccupied structure.