Sprinkler Save at Commercial Property in Henrietta, New York

Image result for Henrietta, New YorkThank you to Chief Mark Strzyzynski, CFO of the Henrietta, New York Fire Department for reporting this sprinkler save!

“We responded to an automatic water flow alarm on Calkins Rd. Engine 642 arrived to find a kitchen fire inside a commercial property.

The fire was extinguished by the sprinkler system prior to our arrival. With a little clean up, they will be back in business in no time. Fire was ruled accidental.

This is the 5th fire in Henrietta that was put out by sprinkler system in the last year.

Sprinkler Systems are the fastest way to extinguish a fire!!”

Click here for information regarding how NFSA is promoting Fire Sprinklers and Firefighters…Partners In Progress. These stories are daily reminders of how we are saving lives and property together from homes to high-rises.