Sprinklers Everywhere

MayrS_2019_FEB_8_Sprinklers Everywhere_Photo1.jpgThose outside the fire sprinkler industry are often surprised by the many places you find fire sprinkler systems. A quick poll by the Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board of Puget Sound turned up some great examples of the more unusual places NFSA members have installed fire sprinklers in the Puget Sound area: the Space Needle, Tacoma Dome, Century Link Field, in the space shuttle at the Museum of Flight, the 520 floating bridge, the Midway Lodge at Crystal Mountain at the top of the ski lift, under a pier with a restaurant on top of the dock, cold storage freezers, a NOAA vessel, the Puyallup Fair barns, and now the new SR99 Tunnel 

The Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board of Puget Sound has developed a banner highlighting the unusual places you find sprinklers. If you have an event at which you would like to display the banner, contact Suzanne Mayr at mayr@nfsa.org.