Highest High-Rise Teamwork

Pictured here is Mack Foster Northstar’s Senior Project Manager and Willie Cotten outside of the new Independent High-Rise Building in Austin Texas.

Rest Assured! Northstar Fire Protection, City of Austin Fire Department and Balfour Beatty Construction Company have teamed up to “build and protect” the new tallest High-Rise Residential building west of the Mississippi River.

The “Independent” Tower is 690 feet tall and features 58 floors with over 370 apartment units for sale. Austinites call the new building – the “Jenga Tower”. Over 60% of the residential units are already sold.

Northstar Fire Protection designed and installed the fire protection systems which feature over 140 PRV’s; 3 Fire Protection Pumps on the 1st and 34th floors; and 63 floor control valves.

The NorthStar Team included Mack Foster, Senior Project Manager and Willie Cotton. Mack and team have developed Fire Protection for over 11 Austin High Rise Buildings.

Plan review and inspections were performed by Austin Fire Department – Fire Marshal’s Office. Lt. Ron Gil, a 35 year veteran and Engineer Scott Stookey with 25 years experience reviewed the Northstar design packaged and performed the acceptance testing of the fire pump, standpipes and PRVs.

Austin Fire Department has very high expectations and requirements for Fire Sprinkler Installations and NorthStar surpassed their expectations during the Standpipe Tests. Mack and the entire NorthStar Team put a lot of pre-work into the Pump and Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation for this Highest High Rise. Northstar’s experience and pride in their work is very evident!

Pictured below: Scott Stookey, Austin Fire Department Graduate Engineer A – Hazardous Materials reviews the Standpipe Test with the fire protection & construction team. Scott considers this project a culmination of many years of experience as his highest and final High-Rise Building Project

Cindy Giedraitis

Since 2012; Cindy Giedraitis has served as the South Central Regional Manager for NFSA: National Fire Sprinkler Association. Cindy educates and promotes Fire Sprinklers for Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas through industry meetings/round tables, technical trainings, presentations, and fire sprinkler coalition meetings.