Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition Meeting

On January 10, 2019, new and former members of the Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition met at the Berlin, Massachusetts Public Safety Facility to reorganize and re-energize efforts to promote residential fire sprinklers, in an effort to increase life safety, reduce injuries and deaths from fire and to reduce the risks of cancer in firefighters. 

Discussion included outreach to stakeholders in the fire sprinkler industry, the fire service; including fire prevention, fire chiefs and public fire & life safety educators, legislators, home builders, local planning and zoning board members, insurance corporations, burn prevention and health care organizations. 

In addition to proposed legislation to require fire sprinklers in dwellings, and amendments to current codes and standards in the State Building Code, the discussion focused upon public education on the benefits of home fire sprinklers, in order to dispel myths and misconceptions generally accepted by the public due to misrepresentation of how fire sprinklers work, notably in television shows and movies. 

Representatives from the fire service, building officials, industry, labor and the public attended the meeting. Berlin Fire Chief Paul Zbikowski was appointed Chair of the Coalition.