Sprinklerman at the Tunnel

If you live in the Puget Sound region, chances are you’ve been stuck in “Viadoom” traffic since the Alaskan Way viaduct closed. Make lemonade out of lemons and join the Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board of Puget Sound and Reliance Fire Protection at the State Route 99 Tunnel Grand Opening Events on Saturday, Feb. 2! You will be able to experience the new tunnel, say goodbye to the viaduct, and say hello to the future waterfront.

As the fire protection contractor on the tunnel project, NFSA member Reliance Fire Protection was invited to participate in the opening events. The fire sprinkler info booth, located at the north entrance to the tunnel on Saturday only, will educate the public on the value of fire sprinklers. Bring your camera for a selfie with Sprinklerman! Other opening events over the weekend include a walk through the tunnel, STEM activities, art festival on the viaduct, a fun run and bicycle ride. Be sure to join us!