Space Heater Fire Erupts in Bedroom Where Child is Sleeping- One Fire Sprinkler Puts it Out!

Thank you to Dori Booth, Deputy Fire Marshal at the Phoenix, Arizona Fire Department, for sending us this sprinkler save!
 On December 7, Phoenix Fire Crews responded to a fire reported at an apartment complex.  Upon arrival, crews found that a single sprinkler in a child’s bedroom had activated and extinguished a fire
caused by a space heater that was located close to the bed.
At the time of the fire, a child was sleeping on the lower level of the bunk bed. Had it not been
 for the sprinkler activation in this bedroom, the result would most likely have resulted in a child fatality.   Upon discussions with the father, he made the following statement:  “I often

questioned why those ugly things needed to be there. Now, those are the most beautiful things I have ever seen.”