Viking Announces Transition to the New Viking XT1 Fire Sprinkler Heads

Viking has now officially transitioned to the new XT1 platform on the 5.6K & 8.0K commercial fire sprinklers. You will start to see these heads shipped on all orders! This “next-generation” enhanced redesign will only affect the 5.6K & 8.0K frame style uprights and pendants, both quick and standard response.

Benefits of the Viking XT1 models include:

  • Compact design for easier installation
  • Smaller profile to protect the sprinkler from damage
  • Stainless steel deflectors are corrosion-resistant

The Viking XT1 will be identified on your orders as having a 4-digit Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN) number, which is also laser-etched on the fire sprinkler head deflector. So, for example, the VK302 has become VK3021, and the VK300 has become VK3001, etc. Please see the PowerPoint PDF linked at the bottom of this post for a quick overview, as well as further information in additional links.

Picture Comparing the Viking XT1

Comparison of the VK201 (left) and the VK2021 (right). Source: QRFS

Viking XT1 common questions and answers

Will Viking continue to support its traditional frame sprinklers, such as the VK302, VK200, etc.?

Yes, Viking will continue to support traditional frame sprinklers. The natural default in the system will be the NEW XT1, but if projects are ongoing, the traditional frame can be purchased through your Customer Service Rep (CSR) upon request.

Can Viking E-1 escutcheons be used with the Viking XT1 sprinklers?

No, XT1 dimensions differ slightly from traditional small-frame sprinklers. The new NP-1 Recessed Escutcheons or NP-2 Thread-On Recessed Escutcheons must be used with XT1 sprinklers. See the PowerPoint linked at the end of this post for details.

Do these new Viking XT1 sprinklers require a different sprinkler head wrench?

Yes, Viking has designed a new wrench for exposed and recessed pendent and upright XT1 sprinklers. The new wrench limits slipping and eliminates the need for socket-type wrenches (see linked PDF).

Part number: Std Universal Wrench (22055) / Spk Cabinet Wrench (20901M/B)

Additional resources on the Viking XT1

The XT1 sprinkler is a next-generation product and incorporates enhancements over traditional designs. However, we understand this change is an added process for you and want to make sure the new XT1 is a seamless transition. Please don’t hesitate to call NFSA and your local Customer Service Rep (CSR), should you have any questions or concerns.

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