Viking Announces Transition to New XT1 Sprinkler Head Platform

Viking has now officially transitioned to the new XT1 sprinkler head platform on the 5.6K & 8.0K commercial sprinklers. You will start to see these heads shipped on all orders! This enhanced redesign will only affect the 5.6K & 8.0K frame style uprights and pendants, both quick and standard response. The XT1 will be identified on your orders as having a 4 digit sin number. So for example, the VK302 has become VK3021, the VK300 has become VK3001, etc. Please see the attached Powerpoint PDF for a quick overview. Further information is included in the links below.

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Common Questions and Answers:

Question: Will Viking continue to support their traditional frame sprinklers, such as the VK302, VK200, etc?

Answer: Yes, Viking will continue to support traditional frame sprinklers. The natural default in our system will be the NEW XT1, but if projects are on-going, the traditional frame can be purchased through your Customer Service Rep (CSR) upon request.

 Question: Can we use the E-1 escutcheon with the XT1 sprinkler?

Answer: No, XT1 dimensions differ slightly from traditional small frame sprinklers. The new NP-1 Recessed Escutcheons or NP-2 Thread-On Recessed Escutcheons must be used with XT1 sprinklers. See the attached Power Point for details.

Question: Do these new XT1 sprinklers require a different sprinkler head wrench?

Answer: Yes, Viking has designed a new wrench for exposed and recessed pendent and upright XT1 sprinklers. The new wrench limits slipping and eliminates the need for socket-type wrenches. Please see attached PDF. Reach out to your local rep for initial samples….
Part number: Std Universal Wrench (22055) / Spk Cabinet Wrench (20901M/B)

The XT1 sprinkler is a next-generation product and incorporates enhancements over traditional designs. However, we understand this change is an added process for you and want to make sure the new XT1 is a seamless transition. Please don’t hesitate to call myself and your local Customer Service Rep (CSR) should you have any questions or concerns.

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