NFSA Side-by-Side Burn at Colorado Capitol

On Friday, October 13, NFSA participated in a side-by-side burn demonstration in Denver, Colorado. The event was organized by the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) and served as the culmination of Fire Prevention Week activities. 

Other participants included NFPA, the Colorado Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, Local 669, and approximately six fire departments. The event was held on Lincoln Street, a main thoroughfare directly in front of the Capitol Building, which was closed down for the event.

The side-by-side demonstration was the main focus of the event and was well-received. One county commissioner who was at the Capitol on business indicated that his county was considering a sprinkler resolution with its upcoming code adoption. He asked to hold a demonstration for the rest of the commission. All four of the local network television affiliates were present.